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Sustainable development

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Client experience

We know that trust and proximity with our clients make all the difference in a satisfactory professional relationship.
That is why our project management team is with you throughout the process, ready to answer your questions and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

The management team supports you in the development of your private brands, from product design to commissioning and the growth of your business.

The scientific team supports you in the development of your formulas using ingredients that are safe for health and the environment, while ensuring that you are at the forefront of new scientific developments.

We ensure that the details of your project always remain confidential, giving you peace of mind for your intellectual property.

Sustainable development

Our values and actions for sustainable development make us a manufacturer of choice for environmentally conscious private brands that offer ecological product lines.

In 2016, we became the first Canadian company to receive the Climate Change certification from the Ecocert international group.

Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint

In addition to manufacturing safe, vegan, and biodegradable products made from naturally sourced ingredients and free from animal testing, , carbon transition is at the very heart of our strategy and business activity.

Every year, we review all the procedures related to greenhouse gases (GHG) for everything directly or indirectly related to our activities. This includes measuring GHG emissions for each of our activities, reducing our GHG emissions, and offsetting all or part of these emissions.

In other words, our commitment translates into an awareness of the impact of our company’s activities on the planet, with the aim of constantly improving and reducing our ecological footprint.

Our sustainable development policy

Our climate change goals are set, reviewed, and updated to continually improve our environmental performance. Total Fabrication aims to be proactive and is committed to complying with, and going beyond, all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We are convinced that it is essential to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to combat climate change.

At Total Fabrication, we are committed to:

  • Assessing the environmental impact of all our past, current, and future activities 
  • Innovatively reducing our plastic consumption and that of our customers ;
  • Offering biodegradable products with minimal impact on the health of users and the environment ;
  • Promoting local purchasing and applying a purchasing policy prioritizing local suppliers and oriented towards responsible business practices ;
  • Reducing our greenhouse gas emission ;
  • Compensating, in part or in full, our greenhouse gas emissions through initiatives that impact our immediate region ;
  • Reducing our production of waste as much as possible ;
  • Respecting the 4R-D principle (reduce at source, reuse, recycle, recover, dispose) in the management of our residual materials ;
  • Minimizing our energy consumption (i.e., electricity) ;
  • Reducing paper use by using electronic data ;
  • Educating our employees on the protection of health and the environment ;
  • Disseminating our sustainable development policy to our employees, managers, and subcontractors ;
  • Active participation of all stakeholders will help achieve our environmental goals ;
  • Checking and evaluating the effectiveness of our current sustainability efforts.
Licenses and Certifications
Our company invests every year to meet and even exceed the most stringent standards in our industry.

Therefore, we work in collaboration with several public and private organizations to comply with regulatory requirements, in addition to bringing credibility and recognition to your products.

  • Permit from the Canada Revenue Agency for the purchase of alcohol
  • Health Canada Site License # 302714

Quality control is essential in the product creation, design, manufacturing, and packaging stages.

Quality control is essential in the product creation, design, manufacturing, and packaging stages. Therefore, we have created a quality assurance program led by our chief chemist, a member of the Order of Chemists of Quebec.

Our team works in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice standards with full traceability of production batches.

Each raw material is analyzed. Each new manufactured product is rigorously tested and controlled to ensure exemplary quality and compliance with regulatory requirements. Each production batch is subject to a certificate of analysis verified by a member of the Order of Chemists of Quebec. A sample of each batch is retained, and all our manufactured products are coded for full traceability.

A dedicated team of subcontracted formulation and manufacturing professionals works tirelessly to manufacture your formulation to the highest standards. Our team works tirelessly to manufacture your formulation to the highest standards. At all times, we make sure to protect the confidentiality of your formulations, brands, procedures, standards, and criteria.

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